Wayne Strickland

Wayne  Strickland an Australian Artist sculpts in bronze & paints in oils & watercolours capturing Australia’s heritage & identity.

Passionate about Australia, its history & its character.

Born in Tasmania in 1950, Wayne’s studies’ include: Famous Artist School, Westport. Connecticut U.S.A. Curtin University W.A. Tafe College Tas. Scottsdale Artists School, Arizona, U S A .A former member of Victoria’s Royal Artist society. He has exhibited throughout Eastern Australia and the U.S.! Wayne and his wife Monette operate a studio Gallery from Cotton Tree, Maroochydore Qld.

Wayne Strickland is widely regarded as one of the countries greatest living equestrian artist is known internationally for his bronze sculptures and oil paintings depicting Australian heritage and the horse.

He has been sculpting and painting professionally for over 40 years and collected many awards along the way. Wayne, lectures on Impressionist and Equestrian art and holds workshops , internationally and around Australia! America’s, Western Art Rodeo Association in 2019 rated his Bronze Sculptures, No 2, In their world titles!.

Rural background…

Wayne’s rural background led to a special affinity for horses and other animals, his attention to his sculptures means he can accurately depict a horses breed and type. His ” Mountain Stockman” won south East Asia’s biggest equestrian sculpture award ! He is featured in Tasmania’s Archive’s, as editor and producer of Tasmania’s Annual Stallion directory. A magazine, Wayne owned and managed over several years!

International Audience

He is represented in major galleries, private and public places and collections In 21 Countries of the world. Australia’s Stockman’s Hall of Fame, The Australian Embassy ,Washington, USA. The R.M.williams Bush Learning Museum.the Professional Rodeo Hall of Fame, Australia’s Racing Museum, and Victoria’s National Gallery. Public sculptures in several states of Australia! His most Famous Client was the then President of U.S.A: Ronald Reagan!

Member of Art Societies.

Wayne Strickland is passionate about Australia, its history and its characters. His work has a dynamic realism, born of a lifelong association with the men and horses of the Australian bush. Wayne sculpts in bronze, and paints in oils as well as in watercolours, capturing Australia’s heritage and identity.


Strickland’s work makes a statement about the Australian people and country which are its subjects. He strives to create a sense of identity for Australians through his art. That, and his intense love of Australia feed his inspiration.

He is represented in major galleries, private and public places and collections In 21 Countries of the world.

His art is presented at:

  • Australia’s Stockman’s Hall of Fame,
  • The R.M
  • Williams Bush Learning Museum,
  • The Professional Rodeo Hall of Fame,
  • Australia’s Racing Museum, &
  • Victoria’s National Gallery.

One of his more famous works Phar Lap created under the watchful eye of the famous horse strapper and trainer Tommy Woodcock is on display at Victoria?s National Gallery.

‘Lost wax’ method of casting.

The artist uses the ‘lost wax’ method of casting, which is both difficult and labour intensive. This casting method allows for the precision and fine detail his work is renowed for. When sculpting, Strickland is hands on, not only creating the original moulds, but also participating in the casting and finishing processes.

The size and diversity of projects that Strickland undertakes is impressive. He enjoys portraiture in bronze and oils, as much as monumental commissions. Equestrian sculpture is his specialty.

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